QATAR. "Qatar has never given aid to an Egyptian group or an Egyptian political party. The aid has always been provided to Egypt," said Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah.

UAE. With recent events - such as weather conditions, geopolitical conflicts and industrial action - posing significant threats to their business, airports in the region today must learn to rely on their operational resilience to effectively prevent, manage and recover from disruptions.

UAE. MENA M&A value drops 43% to US$8.1b in Q2 2013 from US$14.3b in Q2 2012; 40% of the top 10 highest announced deal values in H1 2013 were by Qatari companies, followed by the UAE with 20%.

UAE. Intense competition in GCC insurance markets means that some players, particularly at the lower end of the market, consistently report losses; Some insurers will suffer significant capital deficiency and could even default over time.

EGYPT. Most Arab leaders tacitly support Egypt's deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, fearing the group's growing regional influence since the Arab Spring threatens their own power.

INTERNATIONAL. "They decided the World Cup will be in the summer in Qatar. Our view is, if that is deemed not possible by FIFA, they need to move the location. We can't just, on a whim, decide to move to the winter. It's extremely difficult, nigh-on impossible in our view."

KUWAIT. Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates are the top three countries; Gas projects take the first place, followed by construction and transport; Rail projects driving top 100 projects.

INTERNATIONAL. "FIFA have therefore got two choices. They can move it either time-wise or to another location. I suspect either will end up in some sort of litigation."

QATAR. The roof-mounted photovoltaic modules will supply a portion of the electricity needs of the buildings within Phase 1 of the QR20 billion landmark development.

SAUDI ARABIA. Ties have also been strained in the wake of the Arab Spring, notably in Syria and more recently in Egypt, as each Gulf nation seeks to extend its regional influence.